Terms & Conditions

Last updated: May 2023

Below your will find details of our terms and conditions. These can also be downloaded in pdf format at the following link.

Tiger Events East Anglia – Hire Terms – Updated May 2023 (pdf)

  1. Booking
    *Our products and services are not booked until a deposit has been received*
    If you wish to secure your date with us we require a £50.00 deposit (subject to change) which holds your chosen date. We require the final balance to be paid in full, six weeks before your event – unless agreed otherwise. We may also charge a £50.00 damage deposit when hiring our games, this will be refunded after the safe collection of all games in good working order.
  2. Hire Period
    Hire charges are calculated based on ‘4 hourly’ events. Extra time may be arranged but will be added to your invoice or deducted from your security deposit where appropriate. Should you wish for a longer hire period please get in touch to discuss extended rates.
  3. Responsibility
    All items supplied to you on a hire basis remain the sole property of Tiger Events East Anglia. During the hire period (see 2) all hire items are the responsibility of the hirer (you) and not the responsibility of your venue or event planner. We ask that you communicate with your venue to ensure the security of all hire items in your absence. Any items that are damaged in any way or misplaced will be charged at full cost of replacement, including delivery costs or costs of a driver to collect.
    Tiger Events East Anglia provides all items for hire, including bags and any accessories, in clean, good working order and these items must be returned in the same condition that which they were supplied. All hire times are for indoor use only apart from garden games.
  4. Weather
    All items that have been hired are to be moved to a dry, secure place if there is rain, snow, sleet, high winds or any other irregular weather conditions. All items must to be moved to a dry, secure location once the party is finished by you, the hirer, or someone you have allocated to do so if the games are being held overnight. Any items that have been damaged due to neglect in these conditions will be charged at full cost of replacement, including delivery costs or costs of a driver to collect.
  5. Public Liability Insurance
    Tiger Events East Anglia is fully insured up to the value of £5,000,000. We can provide a copy of our insurance policy certificate to you or your venue, please email us for more information on why you might need this.
  6. Silk Flower Walls / Flower Arch / LOVE Letters & numbers / Sweet carts / Welcome drinks and Donut wall
    The hire price of our silk flower walls, Flower Arch, Sweet carts, garden games, welcome drinks, donut wall, Light up LOVE letters & numbers includes full set up and takedown. Due to the structure of our hire items, we respectfully ask that they are not moved or taken down by anybody other than an employee of Tiger Events East Anglia to avoid damage. We pride ourselves on providing luxury products, therefore any silk flowers missing from the wall or any other arrangements will be treated as a loss/theft and will be charged for accordingly. Any marks, dents or chips on the LOVE letters, numbers, sweet carts, welcome drinks or donut walls will also be charged accordingly (see 3, 4 & 12)
    Please ensure nobody places drinks or food on light up letters or numbers. Damage caused to these hire items will be incur a cost of materials plus labour at £25ph.
    All 4ft Light up LOVE Letters & numbers are fully PAT.
  7. Balloons
    All our balloon arrangements are bespoke and any changes made less than 72 hours prior to collection or delivery cannot be accommodated unless specifically agreed by Tiger Events East Anglia, subject to availability. All balloon arrangements will be made 12-24 hours ahead of your event to allow time to check for faults and slow punctures.
    Please make sure you are happy with your balloons when these are delivered. Once the balloons are no longer in the care of Tiger Events East Anglia, we cannot be held responsible for any damages. We do not expect balloons back from events and if staff of Tiger Events East Anglia are collecting other hire items, we will not take balloons with them.
    For best care of your balloons, do not place them in direct sunlight and try to avoid leaving them in very cold temperatures. Keep away from sharp objects/surfaces and away from any radiators, light bulbs and especially any open flames. Never leave small children and/or pets alone with balloons. Balloons are a choking hazard.
  8. Garden Games
    All of our garden games are delivered and set up in an agreed location with you, the hirer or in some cases with your events coordinator on your behalf. Tiger Events East Anglia staff will always take pictures of where the games were left and condition they were in before leaving them in your care. All of these items must be collected in the manor that they were left, see section 3 & 4.
    1. Swingball – The swingball pole will be inserted correctly and based filled with sand. Housing of the pole may be dislodged if the game is played vigorously or not played correctly, this can cause damage to the casing where the pole it is housed and the lid. If either occur, a full charge will be made to you, the hirer for replacement of a whole, new unit, plus delivery cost. Under no circumstances is the pole to be removed from the base and placed into the ground.
    2. Connect 4 – Connect 4 comes with 21 red counters, 21 yellow counters and 6 blue clips to connect top to bottom. All counters are counted by Tiger Events East Anglia staff on set up. Any damage or loss of any of these parts will be charged at cost to replace the set plus delivery cost.
    3. Giant Jenga – Jenga comes with 57 wooden bricks to complement its size, if any are found to be missing or damaged, bricks are charged at single prices plus the cost of delivery.
    4. Football Table – Football tables are not waterproof and are not to be used outside, unless agreed with a member of Tiger Events East Anglia staff in writing. In the instance that we, the company, have agreed that you can play table football outside in dry weather conditions, it is to be brought in if the weather should change and definitely overnight. We always provide a ball for the football table which must be returned upon collection.
    5. Limbo – Limbo can be played inside or outside but in wet or windy weather conditions must only be played indoors or under shelter. Water weights or some form of ground anchor will be supplied to keep the poles sturdy. Damages found to any part of limbo will be charged at a full replacement rate, including cost of delivery.
    6. Quoits – Quoits has 5 rope hoops along with a unit that is attached together. Any damage to Quoits or loss of hoops will be charged at full replacement cost, including cost of delivery.
    7. Giant Noughts and Crosses – Nought and Crosses must be brought inside in wet and/or windy conditions. Damages found will be charged and the full cost to be made again, including materials, labour and delivery.
    8. Skittles – Skittles must be used on a smooth surface such a grass, astroturf, matting or something similar. Under no circumstances should the skittle be used on concrete, paving, or any other hard surfaces.
    9. Table Tennis – Our table tennis is a junior-sized table. We understand that ping pong balls may go missing and therefore do not require them back. Any misuse or damage to bats or the table will be charged at full replacement cost including delivery.
    10. Beer Pong – Cups and balls are provided with your hire of the beer pong table and are not expected back after use. The table must be in a suitable and clean condition after use, and before collection. Other drinks may not be placed on the table. The table is not suitable to be lent, sat or stood on, or used in any other way than to play the game of beer pong. Damages found will be charged at full replacement cost plus delivery.
    11. Bottle Ring Toss – Bottle ring toss comes with 10 plastic hoops and 15 glass bottles. Please be aware that misuse can lead to breakages. If a bottle breaks in the care of you, the hirer, Tiger Events East Anglia cannot and will not take responsibility for anyone harmed by broken glass pieces.
  9. Cancellation/Amendments
    In the event of a cancellation your deposit is non-refundable and will therefore be retained. Should you need to change the date of your event, we will endeavour to provide the items you require for your new date, however we cannot be held responsible if the new date is not available and the deposit is retained. We recommend that you purchase wedding/event insurance to cover any losses in the event of cancellation.
  10. Cancellations made by us
    In the unfortunate (and unlikely) event that Tiger Events East Anglia needs to cancel the event date you have booked, the deposit and any payments made will be fully refunded if a new date is not agreed or not workable for you.
  11. Delivery/Collection
    Delivery and collection is not included in our hire charges. These will apply as followed:
    £1.50 per mile
    Within 5 miles of IP24 3LH (FREE)
  12. Photography
    Tiger Events East Anglia reserves the right to use any photography of our products and services taken during the hire period. Any photography will be used for promotional purposes on our website and/or social media. If you have any objections to this, please let us know in writing prior to your event.
  13. Site Location, Facilities & Conduct
    Hired equipment will be set up in one location only as agreed on arrival and will not be moved once unloaded. Tiger Events East Anglia reserve the right to refuse delivery if the venue or site is deemed to be unsuitable by our delivery personnel, or if the hirer has failed to notify us of any delivery obstructions such as stairs or excessive loading distances from our vehicle to the installation site, in such case no refund will be given. Tiger Events East Anglia reserves the right to cease operation and remove hired equipment from site if at any time a representative of the company feels that guests or the hirers conduct endangers the safety of the guests, hirers, themselves or the safety of the hired equipment. In such cases no refund will be given and full contracted fees will be due to Tiger Events East Anglia. Where items have been booked for outdoor use and the event cannot proceed due to unsuitable weather conditions (ie high winds and/or heavy rain) it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure shelter of all products which may come into contact with such elements. 
  14. Non Returns/Damaged Goods:
    1. All products are counted and checked by Tiger Events East Anglia at time of set up, with photos taken. In the event of shortages or damages that may be overseen by the Company (Tiger Events East Anglia), the hirer (you) shall notify the Company within 1 hour of delivery. If the hirer fails to do this, the Goods will be deemed to be delivered in correct condition.
    2. Charges will be made for any damaged goods. This includes but is not limited to; goods that have been dragged on the floor, ground in earth or grass stains, biro, burns, holes, rips, tears, candles wax, grease, deep staining, breakages, or excessive water exposure.
    3. All packaging and boxes/bags MUST be kept and returned in good condition. The loss/damage of these boxes will incur a replacement charge, usually around £20-£30 per box/bag. This covers the cost of Tiger Events East Anglia having to get packaging specially made to be able to store and re-hire these items.
    4. Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at full replacement value and delivery to The Company. No substitute item will be accepted by The Company.
    5. The Company will inform the hirer within 48 hours, in writing of any damages or missing items on the order. The hirer has 5 days from the date of notification to return any missing goods. After 5 days the Company will deem any goods not received back as missing and charge at full replacement cost and delivery to the Company. Any charges will be deducted from the refundable security deposit or where value exceeds the refundable security deposit an invoice will be issued to the hirer.
    6. Additional courier charges or additional journeys for attempted re-collection will be charged at full mileage plus time.
    7. Damaged goods remain the property of Tiger Events East Anglia.
  15. Sweet Cart / Sweets
    We will endeavour to ensure the choice of sweets are available for your event however we reserve the right to make changes due to unforeseen supplier issues. We will endeavour to notify you of all changes prior to the event. Only confectionary purchased through Tiger Events East Anglia as part of a package may be placed on the sweet cart, this is for insurance and product traceability purposes. Unless you are just hiring the cart only, in this instance, you the hirer are responsible and liable for the traceability of the confectionery.
    No refund will be made for any unused confectionary.
    Please be advised that some sweets may contain or have traces of nuts or nut oil, they may also have been in contact with products and sweets containing nuts. Tiger Events East Anglia cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting in any food allergies. The hirer should ensure that young children are supervised at all times to avoid the risk of suffocation or choking from sweet wrappers and confectionery. Tiger Events East Anglia cannot be held responsible for safety issues which occur from the use of our equipment or consumption of our confectionary at your event.
    *Under no circumstances are drinks allowed to be placed on the sweet cart*
    Permission should be sought by the hirer from the venue to ensure the Sweet cart is suitable for the premises. Dimensions of the cart in inches 53 x 30 x 79 (Length – Depth – Height). The sweet cart can only be moved by a representative of Tiger Events East Anglia. The Sweet Cart is not for outdoor use unless a suitable cover is provided by the hirer that protects the cart from the elements and is agreed with Tiger Events East Anglia.
  16. Children
    Tiger Events East Anglia promotes a fun environment and encourages everyone to use our games. Children who play with our games must be supervised by an adult. You, the hirer, are confirming by signing this agreement that you take full responsibility for our games and itinerary. Any damages found to any of our hire items will be the responsibility of you, the hirer, to pay in full.
  17. Debt Recovery
    What happens if you, the hirer declines to make payment of monies owed? Tiger Events East Anglia provides for interest to be paid on late payments, and for the cost of any legal action for recovery to be paid by the you, the hirer. Tiger Events East Anglia has a standard process for collecting debts, starting with email reminders. If a debt remains unpaid, it will be referred to third party debt collection agencies and proceedings for debt recovery may be made through the County Courts.
  18. Collection and drop off service
    1. At Tiger Events East Anglia, we will always endeavour to make sure any collection and drop of is as seamless as possible. An address will be communicated with you to collect from/drop back to and times for this to happen. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please let us know this as soon as possible.
    2. A cash deposit of £50 is required when collecting items, this is returned, in full once all items have been checked for damage and are found to be damage free.
    3. Please ensure you have the appropriate size vehicle for what you will be collecting and any additional straps to help keep our stock safe. Any damages which come from transportation will be charged at full price to replace any damaged item.
    4. A member of the Tiger Events team will be present when handing over and receiving goods. This is to ensure product quality and go through any necessary instructions. There maybe a short wait while all products are checked for damage.
    5. Products supplied with bags are to be treated with respect. Any bags or outer layers found to be handled without due care and attention will be charged at full price to replace. Minor scuffs and marks are seen as wear and tear and will not be charged.
    6. Any items which have been delivered late (over 1 hour) will be charged at £30 per hour, unless previously discussed. Tiger Events staff will always try to work with you in any case that you need to drop off items later than agreed. This may not always be possible due to various reasons but this will be communicated with you.
  19. Soft Play
    1. Tiger Events East Anglia are a hire company only, supervision is not included within our service. It is the whole responsibility of you, the hirer or parents/guardians present at the venue to ensure the children are supervised at all times.
    2. No liability or responsibility will be taken by Tiger Events East Anglia for any injury caused during use of soft play. Every precaution is taken to ensure your set up is to the highest standard and every precaution is taken to prevent injury. We will always set up and offer a handover before leaving.
    3. Staff of Tiger Events East Anglia will take photos of how the soft play is left within the venue when the set-up is complete. Until this is done, children must not be allowed to access the set-up. Once photos have been taken and our items have been quality checked, staff will offer a handover to you, the hirer, to ensure you are happy with how the soft play has been left. Once this has been done, the soft play is now your responsibility.
    4. Once children are on the soft play, the rules must be adhered to;
      Clean hands only
      Shoes must be removed and socks must be on
      No face paint, pens, or sharp objects on the soft play
      No food or drink 
      Adult supervision at all times
      No children over the age of 4 to use the soft play
      No party poppers, coloured streamers, or silly string to be used, thrown or sprayed on or near the equipment. Any foreign debris, stains or soil marks which stain will be charged at the amount to replace the full flooring and any soft play or accessories. In the event that our soft play is marked, please use alcohol free wipes to clean soiled marks off. Be aware that is soft play or accessories are marked when staff from Tiger Events East Anglia come to collect and items need professional cleaning or replacement, the charge will be made out to you, the hirer for the full amount plus £100 admin fee.
    5. Any adults entering the soft play area must not stand on the padded floor matts unless shoes are off.
    6. Where children under the age of 4 are using our soft play, we strongly recommend one adult or one child ratio to supervise.
    7. Do not over crowd the soft play. Over crowding can lead to injury, upset and watering down of experience held buy your children. It can also lead to items being damaged.
    8. Accessories like teddies, giraffes, tigers, lions, penguins etc are to add depth and atmosphere to any set up. They are not toys and should not be played with. Items such as ride on didicars, diditrikes, hoppers and pull along teddies are to be used to play on/with.
    9. If a package that you, the hirer has paid for is too large for an area, Tiger Events East Anglia staff will endeavour to utilise space in the best way possible. In the event that the area is deemed unsafe and the package needs to be altered in anyway, the staff member will speak to you the hirer and explain the situation and all possible outcomes. Refunds will not be given if the space is deemed unacceptable for a set up and can’t be carried out.
    10. For hygiene purposes, please do not allow children to put any accessories in their mouths. This includes ancillary accessories such as ball pit balls, teddies, handles, hoppers etc.
    11. Safety matts should always be under soft play items. This does exclude didicars and diditrikes. Hoppers can be used on or off matting depending on age on child, we would always encourage this to be done on the matts.
    12. Diving or jumping in to the ball pit must not be allowed. Please be extremely cautious when younger children are leaving the ball pit area.
    13. Please do not attempt to move soft play once it has been set up in an agreed place and a handover has been implemented.
    14. No soft play to be thrown. No soft play to be ill treated or neglected when in your care, the hirer.
    15. Didicars and diditrikes may leave slight marks on flooring depending on how they are being used. Tiger Events East Anglia can not take responsibility for any damages caused to flooring by misuse of the equipment.
    16. Tiger Events East Anglia provide quality, well-maintained, clean equipment. If an accident has occurred to our equipment while in your care, speak to a member of staff and bring it to their attention. We pride ourselves on our equipment and our values and believe everyone should receive the same experience, so please help us to keep this equipment in top condition so everyone can enjoy it.