Tin Can Alley

One of the best party games going, easy to play and fun for all ages from little ones all the way up to adults. The game involves good hand eye coordination and can also be great practice for children who are still learning to find theirs!

A very fun and popular game, especially amongst Wedding guests. The bags are soft-filled meaning no one will get hurt and even the smallest children can have a go. Re-enact your childhood fetes of knocking over the cans, whoever knocks the most over is the winner of the game.

Cans come set up on crates and strategically placed for you to try and knock down!

  • Minimum of 10 Cans provided
  • Cans have numbers on one side and comic book slogans on the other side. Cans with Tiger logos may also be provided.
  • Minimum of 3 x Coloured Fabric Throwing Bags
  • Stand here sign