Swing Ball

Everybody’s childhood favourite game is back and popular than ever!

This is an action packed game for all of the family and all ages (although best to make sure children are accompanied by an adult!) Be prepared to get a tad carried away and competitive with this one, it’s a fun, high energy game and very addictive!

The Swingball unit is durable and has an adjustable height of 1.8 metres, includes a power play spiral top and a real tennis ball, able to withstand powerful hits. Chunky bats come with non-slip grips allowing players to get lost into the heat of the game and the base is portable and sturdy meaning it can be played almost anywhere!

Two players stand on opposite sides of the pole, each tries to hit the ball one way with a bat; one clockwise, and one counter clockwise. The game ends when one player manages to wind the string to the top or bottom of the spiral topper. The string starts in the middle and the game begins!