Beer Pong

The official USA, old school Beer Pong! If you love beer pong, then this is THE game for you and your party!

Great for any occasion such as birthday parties and BBQ’s! This will definitely get your guests involved and ready to party. Despite the name, this game can also be extremely family friendly, by simply changing the choice of drink to something more suitable for kids or non-drinkers to partake too.

In teams of 1 or 2 players (although many more can play to add to the atmosphere), each team takes it in turn to aim their ball into the opposing cups. When the shot is successful, the cup must be drunk and removed from the table. The team with no more cups on their side has lost the game!

  • 20 cups and 1 ball required (although we will supply you with 4 balls – we know how excited everyone can get playing this game and these little balls can be very easy to lose track of!)
  • Measurements: 240cm x 60cm x 70cm